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Anhui Province is located in the hinterland of East China, China's Jin Jiang in the eastern coastal waters of the inland provinces, cross-Yangtze River, middle and lower reaches of the Huaihe River, east Jiangsu, Zhejiang, west Hubei, Henan, Jiangxi, south, north of Shandong.

Geographical coordinates: at east longitude 114 ° 54 '~ 119 ° 37' north latitude and 29 ° 41 '~ 34 ° 38' between. Width of 450 km west of the province, about 570 km north-south with a total area of 139,600 square kilometers, accounting for the country's total area of 1.45 percent, ranking No. 3 in East China, the first 22. Of which: Huaihe River Basin 67,000 square kilometers, 66,000 square kilometers of the Yangtze river basin, watershed Xin'anjiang 06,500 square kilometers.

Hefei, the capital, a total of 17 prefecture-level cities and 44 municipal districts, 5 county-level cities and 56 counties.

Terrain southwest of the province, north-east low topography North and South are different, complex and diverse. The Yangtze River, Huaihe River running through the province territory, flows through the province were up to 416 kilometers and kilometers 43O, the province will be divided into Huaibei Plain, southern Anhui Jianghuai hilly and mountainous three regional nature. North of the Huaihe River, the vast terrain magnanimous, for part of the North China Plain; Jianghuai large Chongshan between the West and East Cotton Hill, Mountain Hill Gang Wei Yi twists and turns; the two sides of the Yangtze low-lying, cross rivers, Jiangmen Ping, belonging to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Plain ; Wannan mountain range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, Ling Feng Qi Jun, mainly in mountain hills. The main territory of the Dabie Mountains are, Huangshan, Jiuhuashan, Tianzhu Mountain, the highest peak of Huangshan Lotus Peak 1860 meters above sea level. A total of the province's 2,000 rivers, 110 lakes, there is the famous Yangtze River, Huaihe River, and the National Xin'anjiang one of the five major freshwater lakes of Chaohu.

Anhui Province is located in warm temperate and subtropical areas of transition, warm and humid climate, ample sunshine, monsoon clear that the four seasons, to the Huaihe River as the dividing line. North of the Huaihe River is a warm sub-humid monsoon climate, the Huaihe River to the south for the sub-tropical moist monsoon climate.

Anhui land of beautiful scene in a lot of cultural relics, China is rich in tourism resources in the most provinces in the country. 5 of the existing state-level key scenic spots, Huangshan in Anhui Province for the landscape model, Qi-Song in the region, rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs can be called the "four no" in 1990 by UNESCO as an official "World Natural Heritage List , "Caught the world's attention; Jiuhuashan is one of China's four famous Buddhist, beautiful scenery, incense its peak, the existing 78 ancient temples, Buddhist temple in southern Anhui with the combination of residential and unique; Chaohu, one of China's five major freshwater lakes, the River , Lake Hill, Stephen co-exist, due to water, Huguang, hot springs, the scenery is "Chaohu Sanjue landscape"; famous Taoist Holy Land Qi Yun (one of the four famous Taoist), Cliff stone, Taoist relics and unique Dan Xia spectacular landforms; Emperor has been called "Mountain" Tianzhu Mountain, both inspiring area of natural magnificent, 45-feng, 86 rocks, waterfall, 18, and other scenic spots; Langyashan by Ouyang Xiu of the Song Dynasty, "Ong Pavilion "and Mingyangtianxia it to Lam, You Dong, Avon, featuring Artesian Bore Baths. In addition to state-level scenic spots, there are 19 provincial-level scenic spots.
Anhui, rich in cultural relics and unique, Bozhou, Shou County, Anqing, Jixi, for the county-level historical and cultural city. County history, which is the seat of government of Huizhou, Xin'an painting, Xin'an medicine, send Xi seal, print Anhui, Anhui landscape architecture, Hui Cai Hui and the birthplace of opera this is it. Concentrated in the county, the territory of the Ming and Qing Yi Xian houses, ancestral halls and Dan Fang, thousands, and after vicissitudes Gumao still, the number, the idea of Kit Kat, stone, wood, brick is fine, national Rare, is a masterpiece of civil architecture, folk Anhui become the must visit tourist places.

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Miles is Anqing in Anhui Province in the Yangtze River flows through the city, formerly Huaining, do not Yicheng said…

China's fifth largest fresh water lake date Chaohu, a radius of 800, is well-known tourist attraction in Anhui Province…

Hefei, Fei River because of the East River and named after the convergence of this Nanfeihe River, in "three old, Bao Zheng Hometown" famous…

Huaibei City, Anhui Province is located in the northern part of the Soviet Union, Henan, Anhui at the junction of the three provinces…

Huangshan in Anhui Province in southern China in the stands, Yi said the Huangshan Mountain, the legendary Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan in this self-Liandan, Tang Tianbao six years (AD 747) changed its name…

State-level scenic spots and places of Jiuhua Mountain, formerly known as the Kowloon-Shan, Li Bai Shi Xian Chan Sau its Jiufeng such as Lotus, "a Jiuhua Mountain," Yin, the name "Jiuhua…

Ma On Shan
Ma On Shan state-level garden city is China's Anhui Province and one of the five key tourist cities, in 1956 as the "Magang" the construction and development of the emerging industrial city…

Anhui's northern gate of the city of Suzhou (In olden days during the end of the 20th century to Su County), located at the southern end of the Huang-Huai plain, with Su, Lu, 11 counties of Henan Province, which borders 3, north of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu and the city of Heze in Shandong, Henan, the west wing city , East Jiangsu Huaiyin City…

Wuhu City, Anhui Province, to cities, now under the three counties (Wuhu, Fanchang, Nanling), four districts (Kiang Wu, Yijiang, Jiang Japan, the three hills)…

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