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To the provincial capital of Fuzhou, Fujian Province.
Fujian is located in the south-east of the motherland, the East China Sea, Land between 23 degrees 30 minutes north latitude to 28 degrees 22 minutes N and 115 degrees to 120 degrees 50 minutes 40 minutes, separated from the East in the Taiwan Strait, and Taiwan Province across the Across the northeast of Zhejiang Province and adjacent to the Trans Mountain in the northwest of Jiangxi Province with the clock at the junction, south-west of Guangdong Province and connected. Fujian Province in east China belong to China. Fujian is China's well-known hometown of overseas Chinese, living in various parts of the world's Fujian 10,880,000 Chinese and overseas Chinese people. Fujian and Taiwan origin long, is most closely related to the Taiwan compatriots in 80% of the ancestral home in Fujian. Fujian Province in East China Sea and South China Sea, the hub of the Chinese from Southeast Asia, West Asia, East Africa, Oceania and the most recent one of the provinces.

Gathering of Talents for the province with rich tourism resources, have a large impact on the growing tourism brand, including a perfect combination of mountain and water, the harmony between man and nature of the Wuyi Mountain, the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, known as the garden on the sea, island music Gulangyu's reputation, the Department of the western side of the situation, unite the world's Meizhou Matsu pilgrimage Chinese culture, multi-cultural integration, unique folk customs of Quanzhou maritime Silk Road, a unique village in Fujian earth storied residential building, the famous revolutionary sites Furuta Shanghang the site, the ancient culture of Fujian and marine culture, the cradle of Rock Hill Tan cultural sites, and the world is not King, the mystery of the universe Ning Yang wonders of the white water, Taining Geopark in the world, Zhangzhou volcano park, and other travel brands and a large number of scenic spots . Fujian is well-known old, Soviet, western Fujian, Fujian, and so is an important revolutionary base, when the Central Soviet Area 10 counties in Fujian, in the old liberated areas in 62 counties (cities).

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Shishi is an attractive young city, is located on the southeast coast of Fujian, culture is located in the historic city of Quanzhou and Xiamen Special Economic Zone between Taiwan and across the sea, the city faces the sea three domains, 67…

Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve, including the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area and, scenic area of 60 square kilometers, it calls it "a Southeast Qixiu," their view was summed up as "3399" and "3-3" means song set in the mountains about 9 Km Jiuqu Xi, "September 9," referring to the folder out of the 99 Maya-rock…

Xiamen is China's earliest one of the four special economic zones, it is Taiwanese, southern Jiangxi, southern Hunan to the east to the sea, the Pacific Rim will develop into an international port…

Zhangzhou mentioned, people will think of Narcissus, this beautiful land is the hometown of narcissus, it will be their fate for the Zhangzhou's floral emblem…

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