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Lingnan is located in Guangdong, China's southernmost continent. To the east of Fujian, Guangxi, west, north and Jiangxi, Hunan, at the junction, and across the south and southeast of Taiwan and Hainan Island across the two. Land from East forecourt Raoping County town of Fujian and Guangdong provincial boundary, Lianjiang County, west of Guangdong, Guangxi business sub-provincial boundary in the south since Leizhou Peninsula Xuwen County, the southernmost tip of the North County Lechang reached on the flag Village North of the most provincial boundaries; between latitude 20 ° 12-25 ° 31, longitude 109 ° 45-117 ° 20 between; things apart some 800 kilometers north-south distance of about 655 kilometers, then there are areas neighboring provinces of Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan , Guangxi, Hainan, Macau, Hong Kong.

The world-renowned restaurants in Guangdong, Guangzhou Cantonese cuisine is the representative of the Chaozhou Cuisine with a sophisticated elegance that the original Hakka dishes are known. Cantonese generally like to drink tea, with the most famous Chaozhou Kung Fu Tea.

Best time to travel: October to December is the best season for tourism.

Lion of the North and the South have, to the south of Guangdong's most famous lion dance performances. Lions by the colorful cloth produced, each by the Lions in the first two individuals performances, a dance in the first, one last dance, performed in the process, the lion who want a variety of formulas to the performance of the South were martial arts, very rich Masculinity. It is the Japan-China Guangdong festival in all the most common activities performed.

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Chaozhou - the national historical and cultural city, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, opening to the outside world tourist city, known as "beach Lu Zou", "Ridge State of the sea…

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in south-central, north-east of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou Beiju 50 km, 90 km south from Shenzhen, to Hong Kong by sea 47 sea miles, 48 sea miles from Macao, in the middle Suigang Economic Corridor, between Guangzhou and Hong Kong Land and sea transport of essential, and between Hong Kong and Macao regions close, Dongguan membership Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas Chinese demand, is well-known hometown of overseas Chinese…

Foshan is a young and the old city "Hajime trace in Shanxi, was named Tang," Since ancient times, there is "broad yarn Centre", "Tao are the South" and the "birthplace of the Lingnan medicine," a reputation…

Guangzhou Gucheng, "Chu Ting", according to historical records, as early as the ninth century BC in the Zhou dynasty, living here, "the Baiyue people" on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the state of Chu people from very close, the local people "Chu Ting" Commemorate this friendship, this is the first name of Guangzhou…

Legend has an immortal riding a wooden geese flying in from the north, Huizhou beautiful to see, we do not want to leave to land in the West Lake, a mountain into a wooden goose Woyu Lake, so named after the Huizhou City "goose City…

Shantou is the one of the five special economic zones and open coastal port cities, due to be split into the sea and Jiang Island, Shantou, also known as Island Road…

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was established in 1980, in addition to China's Hainan Province is the largest economy outside the SAR…

Guangdong Province, the famous coastal tourist city - rich tourism resources in Yangjiang City, close to the mountains Banghai, Sankaikan Jianyou, beautiful natural scenery, blue sea Silver Beach, Qishanxiushui, peaks cave, waterfall spa, and a splendid human Huguangshanse Landscape…

Zhanjiang in the history of the ancient town is known to the waterfront, Xuwen Hong Kong as "maritime Silk Road" of Hong Kong origin…

Zhaoqing is 2200 years of history of national historical and cultural city, situated in the western Pearl River Delta, which is the first batch of China's excellent tourist cities…

Zhongshan name of Xiangshan, China's democratic revolution, the great forerunner Sun Yat-sen's birthplace…

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