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Hebei Province, located in the north, according to the North Yanshan, look south of the Yellow River, west Taihang, East Tanwo field, Shou with Beijing and Tianjin, the Bohai Sea ring, with the neighboring Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong Province, adjacent to a long coastline 487 km, with a total area of 187,700 square kilometers with a total population of 67,000, available in 11 provincial cities, 23 county-level cities, 108 counties and 6 autonomous counties and 35 municipal districts. Terrain of the province in the northwest to the southeast by the tilt, the north-west to the mountains, hills and plateaus, during which the distribution of basin and valley, central and south-east to the vast plains. Bashang plateau which the average 1200-1500 meters above sea level, the province accounted for 8.5 percent of the total area, Yanshan and Taihang Mountains, including the hills and basins, more than an elevation of 2000 meters, the province accounted for 48.1 percent of the total area of Hebei Plain is华北大平原part in more than 50 meters above sea level below, the province accounted for 43.4 percent of the total area. Hebei Province is the only combination of high altitude, mountains, hills, plains, lakes and coastal provinces, and tourism resources is also a major province.

Splendid history and culture with beautiful Huguangshanse add radiance to each other, constitutes a unique travel a hundred Yanzhao Garden. Here the many cultural relics, beautiful natural scenery, unique folk customs, unique resources renowned. A large number of cultural relics in Hebei to form a strong and unique cultural charm of heritage tourism resources. Qingxi Ling Qing Dynasty emperors of the Qing Dynasty is one of the mausoleum, a total of 14 mausoleum, where beautiful scenery and elegant environment, the scale of the event, a complete system, is a typical ancient buildings of the Qing Dynasty. Chengde Mountain Resort is the largest of China's existing landscape, but also in the Qing Dynasty emperor to deal with summer heat and Chief place for the emperors of ancient China's well-known Gong Yuan. Jinshanling Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty Xianyao terrain, wide field of vision, rigorous security, magnificent architecture, the Great Wall of China is the best of the lot. State Department have been announced for the third batch of national key cultural unit, was set at the national level, tourist attractions, state-level scenic spot.
Full range of topography and mild and pleasant climate, Hebei has created a unique natural scenery. For example, a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery of Beidaihe seaside without cold winter and summer without heat, the average summer temperature is only 24.5 ℃, become a famous summer resort tourism. Chui Wang Dan Li, Jun Qiao Zhang Shiyan is the Taihang Mountains tall and straight of the most dangerous and inspiring area of natural-hung of the lot, with Danya, Bi-ling, Qi, such as the Valley of the unique mountain landscape. Hung in, insurance, surprising show that the peak of GUI-day risk, Shi Qi, You-dong, Stephen, lush trees, clouds and wind around. Original paintings on the mountain for the emperor Chongzhen Enteignis palace, later renamed the view of Tsing Lung Road House, also known as the "North Wudang" ... ...

The vast land of the long history and also gave birth to the colorful folk culture and folk arts. Ding, Xing Yao, Cizhou Yao and Tangshan in the history of Chinese ceramics is the North's typical of ceramic art. Yuxian paper cutting, cloisonne Langfang, Quyang stone carvings, snuff bottle painting in Hengshui, Yan Gu Yi River, Wuqiang New Year, Feng Ning Bu paste painting, Wei provision Baiyangdian, Xinji leather, medicines, etc. An famous Chinese and foreign; Bangzi Hebei, the same old tune, Shadow, Sixian, and other interesting features; Cangzhou martial arts, acrobatics, Wuqiao, Tai Chi Yongnian, Baoding long road to independence, Culture and Sport see the charm.

In addition, Hebei Province Tian Bao-hua, native products and a number of renowned Chinese-style snacks. Jingdong Chinese chestnut, Sydney Zhaozhou, Cangzhou Ziziphus jujuba, longan Xuanhua grapes, deep Peach State, Cangzhou, such as jujube, is not only extremely high nutritional value and output of the first in the nation. Walnut, persimmon and pepper as the "three-Jane too." Tricholoma-rich plateau in the dam, is a rare fungus. Fern known as the "King of the Hill vegetables," the market demand at home and abroad. Sin feast of Qinhuangdao, Tangshan of Matang honey, Shijiazhuang Palace hollow face, as well as the whole fish I Baiyangdian all its unique flavor so full of praise for Chinese and foreign tourists.

According to statistics, the province's existing at all levels more than 400 scenic spots, including the World Cultural Heritage 3; state-level historical and cultural city 5; China Excellent Tourism City 4; state-level scenic spots 7; national forest Park 11; National Nature Reserve 5; 40 best tourist destination of the National 3; of the 10 national scenic spots 2; national 4A level scenic spot 23. Whether the number of size, value or taste, all of Hebei called the country's major tourism resources in the province. Splendid history and culture with beautiful Huguangshanse add radiance to each other, constitutes a unique travel a hundred Yanzhao Garden.

Hebei Hotels: Baoding Hotels, Beidaihe Hotels, Cangzhou Hotels, Chengde Hotels, Handan Hotels, Hengshui Hotels, Langfang Hotels, Qinhuangdao Hotels, Shijiazhuang Hotels, Tangshan Hotels, Zhangjiakou Hotels,

Beidaihe beach is located in Qinhuangdao City of Hebei Province, the western region…

Chengde is a scenic city beyond the Great Wall, hunting, vacationing tourist attractions…

Handan in Hebei Province in the south, with nearly 3000 years is a long history of the ancient city of civilization…

Hengshui City, Hebei Province, located in the south-east with a total area of 8815 square kilometers…

Mianzhaotaihai, Chunnuanhuakai When the emperor visual search longevity Xianyao the boat disappeared in the days between the sea, he certainly can not think, in fact, worldly paradise at the foot on this piece was to be named as the "Qinhuangdao" place…

Shijiazhuang is a rather petty bourgeoisie taste of the east, to this "village origin," the capital of an increase of light: Yuen Street Tsing Yi shelter along the boulevards of the bars, with shops, museums across the province wide? ⒍ absorbed Sou-Yan Mo Horie was superfluous argon Wong Sau-Mei Qian coins proclaimed rate owed atoll Gua Duo Meng-shu? Br> Shijiazhuang, despite a more than 100 households has only a small village, but has a long history Quepo: the outskirts of villages in a large number of Yin Zhou unearthed relics prove that the Sansiqiannian ago, our ancestors are home in this land; early Warring States period, the urban area, there have been two ancient city, has for Zhongshan, Metro City, after the annexation of Zhao…

Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province is the gateway to the southeast, east of Baise in Guangxi region, the West, even the Red River, in Qujing in the north and south of Fu Ning, Ma Su slope, Commissioner Ma and the three counties bordering Vietnam…

Xingtai, China's famous city of Wo Niu, is a historical and cultural city is also a historical and cultural tourist destinations…

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