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Beidaihe Beidaihe


Beidaihe beach is located in Qinhuangdao City of Hebei Province, the western region. Qinhuangdao is one of the areas of the city! Climate here, twenty years long, tortuous flat sandy beaches, the tide of soft sand, backed by verdant trees of the joint-san, the beautiful natural environment.
This is the development of China's first seaside resort. To roam in Beidaihe, Nandai He, the Gold Coast Changli, Yan Sehu area, a wildlife park in the sea, beaches, trees, animals, accompanied by, spend a romantic holiday. You Qinhuangdao fishing close to the 126 km-long coastline, beaches and relaxation, rich in marine products, is ideal for fishing at sea.
In the foothills east-san together, Lotus is a stone in the garden there are large areas of pine forest and the rocks visible, such as Lotus, Lotus named Stone Park. There are quiet classical north of the Goddess of Mercy Temple, the East has rich cemetery construction of luxury Zhu Jia Fen.
Beidaihe Liaoxizoulang located in the western part of the forest and high green coverage, so it is not only a lot of summer resident birds and migratory birds congregate park, and is one of the many bird tour of movement and access the ideal rest stop.
Beidaihe subject to the regulation of ocean climate, with summer heat and winter cold without a year, the daily maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius for more than a few days, an average of only 7.6 days. Beijing in the summer, the temperature is lower than 3-5 degrees Celsius, and then there are bursts of sea breeze blowing, it appears to be a nice and cool. Winter by the warm current in the Bohai Sea, the lowest temperature rarely below 12 degrees Celsius below zero.
Beidaihe on the verge of Bohai Bay, and specialty seafood mainly to: crab, scallops, sea and locust fish, barracuda, squid, octopus, squid, conch, shellfish such as cockles hair variety, the Bohai Bay-seafood products of the essence.

Beidaihe Hotels

 ♦ Beidaihe Friendship Hotel40USD
 ♦ Jinhai Hotel, Beidaihe37USD
 ♦ Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Xinhua Holiday Hotel64USD

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