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Xingtai Xingtai


Xingtai, China's famous city of Wo Niu, is a historical and cultural city is also a historical and cultural tourist destinations. Xingtai City of Hebei Province, located in the south, the southern section of the Taihang Mountains Dong Lu, the western edge of the North China Plain. Wei Canal to the East and to sector across Shandong Province, Shanxi Province and the Taihang Mountains in accordance with the West adjacent to the south and connected to the city of Handan, 15 km southeast to South County in the north with the city of Shijiazhuang, Hengshui City border. Something about the strengths of the area 185 kilometers, about 80 km north-south widest point, with a total area of 12,486 square kilometers. The location of the city government of Shijiazhuang City, capital of south 106 km, 396 km from the capital Beijing.

Xingtai rich tourism resources, its heritage large, is very promising tourist city.

Original natural tourism resources are Lincheng "wonders of the North" Baekundong, Tianchi small forest eco-tourism resort, Qiu Xing Yu in the South Pacific line of natural scenic areas (can be divided into three zones, North Danya overlapping peaks, the Central ancient sea of clouds Lin, Southern Valley Village insurance, there are wild boar, goats, pheasants, magpies tail, wolf, leopard and other wild birds and a variety of valuable medicinal herbs. Hanshan peak Nao more than 1800 meters above sea level, Gordon's impressive "sea of clouds and sunshine" wonders), Xiao Xitian Provincial-level scenic spots (the first is characterized by large-volume, planning area of 90 square kilometers; Second, the portfolio is good, there are mountains and rivers, hot springs, cultural Shen trails, water well, located in Handan Xing between the two cities, and the surrounding province , The city of less than a day trip). There is also the King of Qin River Lake, Kowloon Miaogou (Mass landscape - Kowloon habitat).

Huang Jin-jun Walled
1,062 m above sea level in the middle of Ling Xiao Shan, 35 km from the urban Xingtai Huang Jin-jun Walled area of 24 square kilometers for the tour…

Kaiyuan Temple
Xingtai Road in the middle of urban Xingzhou Kaiyuan Temple, built in the Tang opened the first year, so far 1,200 years of history…

Kong Mountain Hill Baiyun Dong
In Xingtai City in Lincheng County, Nanju Xingtai City, 56 km, 86 km Beiju Shijiazhuang City…

Kwun Yam Walled
In Xingtai City, 45 kilometers southwest of the Kwun Yam Walled Xiaoxi Tian she is the top of the sister peak, 1,052 meters above sea level…

Ming Dynasty architecture Qingfengdian Floor
Qingfengdian floor in the old city centre of Xingtai, the Fuya before the left side of this northern end of Antique Street…

Qin Lake - East Shiling Reservoir
Shahe in the urban area 40 km west of the crossing on the River, 50 km from the Xingtai City…

Qingfengdian Floor
Ching Fung House, located in Xingtai Shiqiao northern end of the Eastern Antique Street (formerly the old city centre, Fuya ago)…

Xingtai Canyon Group
In Xingtai City, 70 km west Xingtai Canyon group from 24 Valley, composed of more than 1,000 meters long by eight, is too Qunfeng line in a major spectacle…

Yunmeng Mountain
Xingtai City can be Yunmeng Mountain peak over 1,300 meters, Tour area of 25 square kilometers, 95 percent vegetation cover, the forest has more than 100 species of rare animals…

Zhang fruit Laoshan
Zhang fruit Laoshan in Xingtai City, 15 kilometres west…

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