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Heilongjiang Province in the northwest of the terrain is more or less, in the north and the south-east, north-east, south-west of the low; from the main mountain, mesa, plain water and pose. To the north-west north-east - south-west of Da Hinggan Mountain to the north to the northwest - south-east towards the small mountainous Mountains, south-east to north-east - south-west direction before Zhang Ling, Lao Yeling, the Wandashan connections, about the province's total land area of 24.7 percent; Altitude of 300 meters above the hilly areas of the province accounts for about 35.8%; the northeastern part of the Sanjiang Plain, the western part of the Songnen Plain, is the largest in northeast China Plain, the plains of the province accounted for 37.0 percent of the total area, altitude 50 --- 200 meters.
Heilongjiang Province has a vast territory, four seasons, culture and the thick, rich products. Tourism resources and distinct features. World Tourism Organization experts to Heilongjiang tourism image as: Heilongjiang - Chinese tourism COOL (cool) province. Heilongjiang This is cool and pleasant climate, unique magic of eco-tourism resources, romantic style of tourism products with unique geographical and ethnic characteristics of a high degree of general human landscape. Specific interpreted as: "Heilongjiang - the world's vitality in the spring, cool summer in the world, colorful world in the fall, winter snow and ice in the world."
Heilongjiang Province in accordance with "Chinese tourism resources survey norms," the tourism resources to carry out the census, was 60 basic types of tourism resources in 1361 entities, accounting for the norms of included 68 kinds of basic types of 88.24 percent, more than 60% of the country Provincial tourism resource-rich line of indicators. The first snow unique tourism resources. Snowfall up to more than 4 months, aspect, slope appropriate, 1,000 meters above sea level can be built around large and medium-sized ski resources nearly 100 points, ice, Xuesu, winter swimming, Dongdiao also very rich in resources; Second, forest tourism Very rich in resources. Mountains are the size of the territory, Zhang Ling and the Wandashan connections only, such as forest, the forest coverage rate reached 42.9 percent, ranking first in the country, the development of forest tourism product series; Third, Fourth, the network of rivers and lakes cloth. There are Heilongjiang, Songhua and Wusuli River, Nen River, Mudanjiang, Xingkai, Jingpohu, Wudalianchi, a series of lakes, Zhalong, Lotus Lake, and so on, the development of highly value; Fourth, many types of wetlands, covering an area of major. Sanjiang Plain wetlands amounted to 2,000,000 hectares, Songnen Plain wetlands amounted to 1,230,000 hectares at present to protect the integrity of the original wetlands point drop more than 200,000 hectares of wetlands and Yingchun Zhalong wetlands, more than 100,000 hectares of Xingkai Jingpohu Lake and wetlands, the smallest of the original wetlands have 871 hectares. Wetlands for the cold wet environment, an important part of the most primitive ecological quality and biodiversity; five in the western and eastern parts of the vast grassland. Grassland accounts for the province's total land area of 11.2 percent, amounting to 7,600 hectares, is the country's grasslands have one of the 10 provinces, more than 1000 kinds of grass seed, located in the Songnen Plain, the Sanjiang Plain and the mountains and plains several interchanges, With grazing, the value of tourism; six agriculture-rich tourist. The province's vast arable land, the more developed animal husbandry, Honghe large modern farms, and other farms, agricultural tourism development potential; seven wild flora and fauna of the range. Animals, 482 kinds of terrestrial vertebrate, 13 kinds of amphibians, 22 types of aquatic species of Section 100. A total of 183 Section 737 of higher plants are more than 2400 kinds of vegetation types, for the rare tourist resources; eight are obvious features of the history of human resources. Fossils unearthed 88 points, 12 ancient human sites, the Bohai Sea in the Tang Dynasty, Liao, Jin and Qing Dynasty "Longxing of" rich site, and to mark the modern history of the last 50, while people since ancient times Into the people's cultural heritage; nine is the rich national culture and customs. Heilongjiang native land for the Manchu, and Hezhe, Oroqen, Daur, and other ethnic minorities in the north, constitute a national characteristics of tourism resources; ten Russian border tourism is to have the advantage. A total of 35 of the province's border cities and counties open to Russia, more than 20 Russian passengers and cargo ports open for a class; 11 city tour is unique. Harbin's style of the Eurasian continent, Daqing Petroleum culture, style and all Yichun Lin Heihe, Suifenhe, and other tourist cities such as the border is quite charming. In addition, our province is the food, wood, oil, coal, such as animal husbandry production base for heavy industry and military areas, and other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in sharp contrast to form a unique tourism resources and product differentiation.

Heilongjiang Province, China Excellent Tourism City of the existing 9, 457 travel agencies (of which 75 International), 280 star-rated hotels (3 of which five-star, 36 four-star, 113 three-star), A national-level scenic spots 151 (Five of a class A, four A-class 17, three A-level 68), S-class ski resort 27, 12 places of drifting standards, national and provincial industrial and agricultural tourism demonstration of the 42-point, tourism stars Hotel-class family 61.

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In the administrative territory of China, Heilongjiang is located in the northeast edge of the flap to fly like a swan, and the provincial cities - Harbin, as this swan under a bright pearl…

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