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Henan is located in the eastern part of China, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, as in most parts of the Yellow River is located to the south, it said in Henan. Ancient times, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River region vertical and horizontal, dense forests, the large number of elephants, the image of Henan was described as being led by the land, which is Xiangxing Zi "Yu" the root of Henan is also referred to as "Yu" the origin. "• Shang Yu Gong," the world will be divided into "Nine", ranked the world Kyushu Yuzhou, Henan today in most parts of Kyushu in the case of Yuzhou, the "Central Plains", "Central Plains".

Most of the Henan Province is located in warm temperate, subtropical southern cross, a sub-tropical north to the warm temperate continental transition of the monsoon climate, but also from east to west with the hills and mountains to the plains of the transitional characteristics of the climate, with four seasons, hot shower in the same period, the complex Variety of weather and disaster-prone character. In the province from south to north with a mean temperature of 15.7 ~ 12.1 ℃, the average annual rainfall 532.5 mm to 1380.6, with rainfall up to 6 August, with an average annual sunshine 1848.0 to 2488.7 hours, frost-free period the year 189 to 240 days, more appropriate Kind of crop growth. Henan to cross the Yangtze River, Huaihe River, Yellow River, Haihe River Basin of the four. Most of the rivers originate in the western province, north-west and south-east of the mountains, river basin area of 100 square kilometers of the river there are more than 493. The average total water resources of the province for many years 40,500,000,000 cubic meters, ranking No. 19, the per capita share of water resources less than 420 cubic meters, equivalent to one-fifth of the national average. The province's existing forestry 7053.03 million mu of land, the forest cover 17.32 percent, 23.77 percent forest coverage. The province's 35 nature reserves of various types with a total area of 1135.4 hectares. Wetland area of 1663 hectares, accounting for the province's total area of 6.6 percent. Flora and fauna of the province is rich in resources, Forest Park 94, known terrestrial spine 520 kinds of wild animals, accounting for 23.9 percent of the total number of national, state protection 90 kinds of wild animals.

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