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Hubei is located in south-central People's Republic of China, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. As a result of Dongting Lake in the north, it said in Hubei Province, known as E. Henan Province, north, east Anhui Province, south-east and south Jiangxi, Hunan provinces and Chongqing Municipality west, northwest Shaanxi Province and adjacent

Landscape and cultural relics spots in both the two. World famous Three Gorges. Seventy-two large peaks towards the top, round-Jian Flows, the reputation of people "in the first mountains," the famous Taoist Wudang Taoism as the Holy Land. Known as the "roof of Central China" and the "green treasure house" of the Shennongjia Nature Reserve is important, not only of rare animal species, "wild man of mystery" cause for concern. Hubei Tourism human landscape of the times with a big span, the characteristics of high historical value, not only here to the ancient ruins of human Changyang people, Qujialing cultural sites, and a large number of ancient sites and three sites are clear, "Ji Nancheng"; both Revolution Gate site uprising, Yue Machang, Central and peasant movement and the former site of the workshop "meeting on August 7," the site. Revolutionary cultural relics and sites throughout the province, Yichang from Qu Yuan's hometown Zigui Yandi Temple Suizhou, Yichang, the Three-Tour, KEI NAM Old City, hometown of Wang Zhaojun, Wuhan guqin Taiwan, Yellow Crane Tower, the three countries until the Red Cliff Wuchang Uprising the former site of the military government, Jing-Han Railroad movement, "27" memorial, you can understand Chinese history, many of the major historical events. The Yichang Three Gorges Dam tourist area of the Yellow Crane Tower and Wuhan in Hubei Province is the two countries 5A-class scenic tourist attractions.

Hubei unique daily-use products Honghu feather fan, Yichang rockery, plastic door-day bonsai, the dam Lichuan paint and so on. The Housing and Baokang County, two counties by the middle of the ear Yan is a well-known Shan Zhen, as well as Luo chestnut, gingko Suizhou, Tai Toucai Xiangfan, salt, l. eggs, sour Pleione Shashi in Hubei Province, are produced delicious Food.
In addition to Hubei Tourism can purchase more products to take home as souvenirs, do not forget there are Shennongjia in Hubei Province and the two Mountain "Natural Drug Storehouse," where not only the production of traditional medicinal materials such as Tianma, Codonopsis, Eucommia, the Chinese, Poria And so on, there are wild Hericium, mushroom walnut and tonic, and so on, go back and honor those who purchase elderly is very appropriate.
Hubei Qingjiang famous "red should be" far-an "Luyuan" Puqi "Tea" long "Cueifong" Shuangqiao "tip" Zhuxi "Long Feng"

Hubei Hotels: Daye Hotels, Enshi Hotels, Huangshi Hotels, Jingmen Hotels, Jingzhou Hotels, Shiyan Hotels, Suizhou Hotels, Wuhan Hotels, Xian'ning Hotels, Xiangfan Hotels, Xiaogan Hotels, Yichang Hotels,

Jinzhou, Gucheng "become River", Eshou "entry" (Kanto into the North China) throat, Liaoxizoulang region since ancient times is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center…

Known as "Tongqu nine provinces," said the Wuhan Yangtze River and Hanjiang River at the interchange, because of the Tang dynasty poet Li Bai's "Blowing in the Yellow Crane Tower Yudi, Jiangcheng May with the plum blossom," derived from "River City" Mei Ming…

Xiangfan City in Hubei Province is located in the northwest, ranking the middle reaches of Hanjiang River, Yu Mo Daba Mountains…

Yichang City in Hubei Province in the northwest, the Yangtze River, the upper reaches of the junction of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project is located in the Xiling Xia mouth, Gucheng "Yiling," has always been known as the "Sichuan, Hubei and throat, city in western Hubei Province", "Three Gorges portal…

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