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Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Province is located in the north-east, about 1200 km east, north-south 800 km wide, with an area of 720,000 square kilometers. The territory of tall mountains, diverse terrain, vertical and horizontal river, lakes spread all over the place. Weiwei Kunlun Mountains in the central cross-island, the Tanggula Mountains in South Zhili, the Qilian Mountains in the north tower, vast undulating grassland stretching, Qaidam Basin, the vast unlimited. The Yangtze River, Yellow River source in Qinghai, China's largest inland saltwater lake is also the Qinghai plateau, so named after the "Qinghai."

From a distance, the mountains are the last Hirakawa appears to be - so visitors outline the landscape of the Qinghai-Tibet, which is derived from a bird's eye view from the plane impression.

Although the plateau on the mountain but thousands of high-rise Ren, is above the snow line Xuefeng glaciers, melting ice and snow into the snow, infiltrated the long meadow under the Man Liu, together into a swamp, come together to form a stream, and then sinks into the Yellow rivers, The Yangtze River. Yellow River water as the cradle of the Chinese nation like bringing up; the Yangtze River water will moisten the earth Central Plains.

Magnificent natural scenery magnificent Qinghai, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has the characteristics. Six years ago, Qi Qiannian ago, ancient ancestors to survive in this land. Passage of time, earthshaking changes transform. Group of ancient tombs in ancient temples, ancient rock paintings, ancient castle is characterized by numerous scenic spots and historical sites. Han, Zang back, Mongolia, Turkey, Sarah, and other peoples have a long history and cultural tradition, maintained a unique and colorful ethnic customs and practices. Tourism in Qinghai is rich in resources, there were different types.

Climate: belonging to the Qinghai plateau continental climate with low temperature, the temperature difference between day and night, rain and low concentration of long sunshine, strong solar radiation and so on.

Qinghai Hotels: Xining Hotels,

Xining in Qinghai as the only major cities, their own tourist attractions are not many…

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