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Zongkua the province's Yellow River, Yangtze River two major tributaries of the Yellow River Jinghe, in the Weihe River into the Yellow River in China's main artery of the Longhai railway line across the middle, "the new Eurasian continental bridge" section of the Center for Asia and into China's northwest Portal.

West China is the richest tourism resources in the province one of the high-grade resources, the stock of large, multi-species, cultural heritage deep underground on the ground remains extremely rich in cultural relics, known as "The Natural History Museum." A wide range of items available across the province at 35,800, 151 museums, the collection of a wide range of items 900,000 (Group), the heritage point of density, number, the highest level, ranking first in the nation's first. Shaanxi Province is not only renowned cultural relics, and beautiful mountains and rivers, and spectacular scenery. . There are dangerous to the Xiyue, said the Hua Shan, the magnificent Hukou Waterfall, the immense simplicity of the Loess Plateau, the endless, 800 Qin Chuan, the graceful Qing mountainous southern Shaanxi Qinling-Bashan, the legendary scenic Lishan, six Mountains of snow on Mount Taibai Mountain, and so on.

Shaanxi strip of north-south, from north to south to form their own three natural zones: the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi gully China, the country is important to follow the energy, development and transformation potential; Guanzhong Plain-called "Qin Chuan, 800," Su Elegance to the world that a prosperous and harmonious; Shanqingshuixiu southern Shaanxi Qinling-Bashan Mountain, the southern-charm ... .... Very different climate in the territory, gradually from north to south for over-temperate, warm temperate and sub-tropical north. Average annual rainfall 576.9 mm, the average annual temperature of 13.0 ℃, frost-free period of about 218 days. Complex and diverse topography and climate characteristics, bred thousands of species and rare in the world, can be called Museum of Natural History.

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Terracotta warriors and horses, Tang, blue and white, paper-cutting, bronze, stone

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Baoji, Shaanxi Province is located in the central and western regions, located in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Sichuan provinces (autonomous regions) junction, another Gu Cheng, is the ancestor of the Chinese Yan Emperor's hometown, the birthplace of ZHOU Qin Dynasty, known as "native place Yan, a town bronze, Fogu the Holy Land, folk art town "reputation…

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