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Shandong Qilu for the ancient land, located in the eastern Chinese coast, the lower reaches of the Yellow River, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the northern section, located in the provincial capital Jinan.

Connecting the western inland, from north to south respectively, and Hebei, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces bordering; high in the central process, Taishan is the highest point throughout; into the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula in the Yellow Sea, Bohai Strait separated the North and the relative Liaodong Peninsula, protect Beijing Zimbabwe and the Bohai Bay, Yellow Sea and East separated from each other on the Korean Peninsula, then south-east by the Provisional broader Yellow Sea, East China Sea and Japan look into the distance in the southern archipelago. In recent years, Shandong has become China's most economically developed provinces in the country.

Climate types of continental monsoon climate of temperate and rainfall concentrated, hot shower in the same quarter, short spring and autumn, winter and summer long.

Shandong rich in tourism resources, beautiful natural scenery, numerous cultural relics. "World Natural and Cultural Heritage" and "Sacred Mountains of China's respect for" Tarzan, "World Cultural Heritage" native place of Confucius in Qufu, "three holes," Qi Linzi one-time capital, "fairyland on earth" Penglai, "Taoist Holy Land" Laoshan, "World Kite" Weifang, Jiangbei Shuicheng Liaocheng, the international Pi Jiucheng Qingdao, Yantai International Wine City, Rongcheng "Tianjin Tou", Rushan, "Silver Beach" and "Springs" Jinan, The Other View of the Yellow River, "ancestor mountains," Kunyu Mountain, with Nu Wa Sky's the beautiful legend Yi Shan, in order to gather All Men Are Brothers and the well-known hero known as "800 Shuibo," Liang Shanbo, Tengzhou micro-Dutch Red Lake wetlands are a good place for the tourists.

Shandong cuisine, also known as Shandong. A long history and widespread impact. Chinese food culture is an important component of China's four major branches of the first, but the most unknown cuisine, with its salty Cuinen Wei Xian, a unique flavor, making fine.

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"Every family springs, Huhuchuiyang", "surrounded on three sides Lotus Liu, a semi-Shanse Lake City…

Liaocheng is located in the economically developed, Shandong Province, home Luxi, the Pro Henan, Hebei, located in the east, north, central China at the junction of three Administrative Region…

Qingdao Yishanbangshui, beautiful, is a popular tourist summer resort…

Shandong Province in the southwest, there is a hole surname population of 1 / 5 of the county-level city, she is to have a long history of 5,000 years of the "Oriental Holy City" - Qufu…

Rizhao is located in the central coastal mainland China, southeast of the Shandong Peninsula Eastern Shandong Rizhao city hills, with a total terrain of the mountains and the sea, the four-week high at the end of the center, slightly tilted to the south-east, the mountains, hills, plains distribution phase…

Tai'an, Shandong Province in central China is a well-known cultural tourism city of Taishan is the territory of the state's key scenic spots, the State Council in 1982 was the first opening to the outside world as a tourist city…

Dezhou is located on the north shore of the lower reaches of the Yellow River in Shandong Province in the northwest…

Weifang City is located in central Shandong Peninsula…

Beautiful waterfront garden city of Weihai, spent the streets, shady trees, the quiet, and clean environment of the city, making it China's most livable cities…

Yantai Gu Chen Zhifu, Wu Ming-Hong years, to prevent the Japanese in building Langyan Pier Pass named…

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